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by on Apr 30, 2015
I recently bought the slip I have subleased since 2010. I don't know what ThruthHurts is talking about. My experience is NOTHING LIKE his/her experience. This is a superbly well-run, beautifully maintained, highly professional marina with excellent facilities. I am always treated like. A valued customer and served well past my multi-marina experienced expectations. I've enjoyed being there since 2010, am very happy I bought my slip and feel it is a great investment!.

by TheTruthHurts on May 20, 2011
Everything said below is true, except they are NOT adequately maintaining the lawns in front of the boat slips, where vast stretches of grass have been allowed die and become choked with WEEDS and BARE SPOTS!! This is the area we are supposed to lounge on when not our boat! Complaints to Management and "The Board" fall on deaf ears as they have steadfastly refused to address the issue properly. Further, they act like they are doing you a FAVOR by allowing you to keep your boat there, and they do NOT treat owners like paying customers. I AM VERY SORRY I BOUGHT A BOAT WELL AT BELLE MAER HARBOR!!!! Nice place to visit, but I would NOT recommend investing your hard earned money there. Not unless you enjoy being treated like dog doo and having your legitmate complaints ignored.

by shpd475 on Apr 29, 2009
Its a great place to over night or to spend your summer. It recently added the internet and cable TV. We often spend the weekend at the marina and never leave our well. Security is top notch too. Unlike some marinias Belle Maer has grass,trees and flowers.

by perzyk on Apr 29, 2009
Belle Maer Harbor has a very friendly environment and host modern facilities. Electrical hookup is adequate, good water pressure. There are clean and modern restrooms complete with showers. Clean heated pool, tennis courts, volleyball court, and quiet shoreline gazebos to enjoy the lake scenery. A five star marina.

by on Mar 20, 2009
This is a very family friendly marina. It offers something for everyone. There is easy access to Lake St. Clair (Anchor Bay) with quick access to desired destinations (Metro Beach, Middle Channel, Gull Island, Muscamoot Bay and more). The ammenities include fuel, bathhouse, laundry, swimming pool, playground, tennis court and much more. We love it there!

by straitshooter on Feb 9, 2007
Belle Maer is one of many choices in the Harrison Twp./Clinton river area. Although we've only overnighted here, it's a first rate marina. Dining ashore is within walking distance and a "designated" walker is recommended for the return trip ;). Strategicly, it's a great place to call a waypoint when cruising from either the Detroit river or St. Clair river. Pay attention to the ATON's, charts and depthfiner as you make way toward this area. Enjoy!