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Welcome to all you need to know about's web hosting
"Our best profit idea..."    -Marieke van Peer, General Manager, Miami Beach Marina
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You know that your customers are looking for you first online!

Your web site is your front door-- your 'display window'.  And you know how important first impressions are!

Our years of experience helping boating businesses grow their bottom lines gives us a unique ability to help you get your message out to potential new customers.  We work with you to design a plan that will suit your needs, rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all approach.
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Here are some critical FEATURES that we make certain your marine web site addresses:

1.  Does its appearance give your potential customers a good feel for what you are about?

2.  Does it give the information your existing customers need, while also encouraging new customers to want to contact you?

3.  Does it make it easy for your customer to spend money with you?

4.  Situational awareness is of key importance to your customer-- what are the tools you can provide?

5.  How are potential customers going to find your website?  Yours is just one of the over 600 million that make up the world wide web (!

6.  How can you see whether anyone is visiting your web site, whether your banners are working; or how can you make changes yourself if you want to?


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