Introducing 3 Word Addresses: Partners with What3Words

February 28, 2018

Exciting news! We've partnered with lat/long alternative What3Words, a partnership which allows us to incorporate 3 word addresses throughout to expedite your nautical navigation and planning.

What is a 3 word address and why does it matter? Great questions, smarty. 

Mariners have obviously relied on latitude and longitude for centuries. And while lat/long is accurate and an industry paradigm for boaters everywhere, it also come with some ambiguity and isn't the most "user-friendly" way to describe a location on earth.

The approach What3Words took struck us as a simpler and more progressive alternative. Their approach was to divide the world into a grid of 3 meter x 3 meter squares, and assign each square a unique 3 word address. This means anyone can accurately find any location and share it more quickly, easily, and with less ambiguity than using latitude and longitude.

Newport Harbor 3 Word Address

What3Words may be new to you, but it's already got a ton of momentum. They've seen recent success in their endeavors as both Mercedes and Dominos have integrated 3 word addresses into their user interfaces – into in-car navigation systems and pizza delivery options, respectively.

You'll find 3 word addresses on all profile pages (marinas, harbors, anchorages, etc.).  You can also search for a 3 word address using the search to find a location.

Marine navigation is a perfect application for 3 word addresses, and its use will make it easier to locate yourself and your destination when you're on the water. We're excited to bring users this new development, and look forward to finding more ways to leverage What3Words' technology. 

Look for more integration with both and Dockwa in the future.  As always, we're all ears if you'd like to provide feedback or ask questions – drop us a what3words

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