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The peek season for boaters and the Marina is closed on Mondays and Wednesdays???While we were there to get gas, we couldn't get any. There was no one to call. No phone numbers posted in the building. We had to call the Mayor and Harbour Master to help us.The Harbour Master brought a truck with jerry cans to help us but we needed more gas than that. After our 5 hour stay waiting for gas, we used the facilities there in the building. (washrooms) Nothing to say except disgusting. Finally a Commodore showed up and didn't help us at all except shoot his mouth off negatively to us. No class. While we were there people were trying to get to their moorings but couldn't. We drove them to their boats with tenders. The Commodore made sure that we would never return, as he put a bad taste in our mouths. I will never return again, but the members that were there, were very helpful and understanding. I feel sorry for the members and what they have to endure threw the season. We did get our gas from a gas truck that we had to call. The Marina missed out on $1000.00 worth of gas this day.

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