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For well over two decades, we have enjoyed the piece of paradise that is Brenton Cove Moorings. From our first days with the infamous Carl as proprietor, and then with fun-loving Maria, and now under the professional management of Danielle, we have always been treated with the utmost of consideration and kindness. We have traveled extensively, from Rhode Island to Florida to the Bahamas and all of the area islands, and we can truly say, Brenton Cove Moorings is "home"! Danielle goes above and beyond to accommodate us every season. We love the added stability, quiet, and space of being on the floating docks vs. the town's high traffic mooring fields or crowded docks. The tranquility, security, and serenity of the of the cove mooring docks are unique and unparalleled. By far, two thumbs up, although on one level, we are hesitant to endorse our piece of paradise for fear of it being even more discovered, nevertheless, Danielle deserves for the truth to be stated. This is a very professionally run business with a wonderful boating experience provided to those lucky enough to enjoy these accommodations.

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