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Pier 98 MarinaMay 03, 2020

Worst Marina in Panama City! Management hostile, like walking into a mind field to try to talk to the manager. Always mad treats people like dirt. Has evicted half the people there when I rented a space there. Gives you 4 hours to get out or will impound your boat and will file a no tress pass warrant against you. I was told to I had to start cleaning the public restrooms or I would be evicted. Always paid my rent 15 days in advance. Two days after first of month I was evicted and they would not refund my rent. Food from restruant I have seen them drop it on the ground then serve it. Gas is always more than a dollar over everyone elses. I would avoid them at all costs. Do not rent there, eat there, get gas there. They will rip you off then bitch you out. I am not kidding. I avoided them at all costs. I write and worked on my boat no issues from me at all except I refused to be slave labor. Capt Mike Worley

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