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Been there many times before. Will not be back for a long time. We where on G pier perfect spot to listen to the band. But had some ego boater that was tied up at Jellys. He played his music louder then band and not family appropriate. Pay this much money and had to listen to that all day. No thank you. Came to relax not to hear someone needing his ego stroked. Bar should be able to control offensive music and asked them to keep it down. There where others that respected boaters around them. If I was a full time slip holder I would be leaving. Food went down hill at Jelly’s. Not worth the money.

Marina Response:
Thank you for your review. We apologize for your unsatisfactory visit. As with any busy holiday weekend, we try our best to accommodate all visitors. Should you decide to give us another try, we can work to find you a slip that is further from loud music, so you may enjoy your stay. Please call the office, we hope you will visit again.
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