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High price service/repairs, noisy, active shipyard, busy, not attractive for a marina setting, pilings only, strong currents, constant wakes from ferry, difficult entry and egress. Much better friendly marinas with good service in the area. No marina facilities, e.g. toilets/showers. Staff focused on shipyard, not providing marina facilities or service. Maybe OK for just an overnight stay when others are not available. Least attractive facility in the Essex area.

Marina Response:
Essex Boat Works is a Boatyard, not a marina. We do focus on maintaining and servicing boats, that is what we do. We don't normally rent seasonal slips but we made an exception after much persuasion. Unfortunately this review was posted the same day I let him know we were full for winter storage and did not have room for him, due to the fact his paperwork was not returned in a timely manner. I wish him all the best in his future boating adventures, and hopefully he will find a marina that will fulfill his needs.
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