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We have had our boat at Olversons since 1992. We have checked out lots of other facilities but bang for the buck keeps us there. The isolation makes it a safe, everybody knows and help everybody place. We drive over 2 1/2 hours from the DC area to get there but it is worth it. If you are in transit or long term you will want to check it out. We love the protection of being back in Lodge Creek but out on the mouth of the Potomac and the bay in no time. We have lost our engine a couple of times on our 30' sail boat. We sailed right back to the end of the dock. Then yelled at our friends to help us tie up safely. In every direction it is a picture postcard of quaint waterway beauty. Growing but keeping the family owned, Northern Neck Spirit. They have basically what boaters need. No store or restaurant but friendly people to take you into town, Callao. Yacht club parties and dock parties produce good food galore during the season. John & Sandy Stait

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Lewisetta Marina is out their on that point that has endured some serious weather but it just made the stories that much more interesting. The weather reporting station is still sending information. They service the watermen and the pleasure boaters in the friendly Northern Neck spirit. Mark and Helen plus their crew have been hauling us out, working on, and dropping us back in the water since 1996. The one time I didn't use them, I was sorry. Cute old general store with the creaky screen door will transport you back to a different time. I am grateful that boating in that area has brought us together. My whole family has been enriched by the experience. John & Sandy Stait, Moon Shadow, 1963 30' Dickerson, Sloop

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