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I called on May 17, 2021 to have my name placed on a list to be called when they had an opening for diagnostics on my 2002 Wave runner. Spoke with Jim [email protected]%&y who told me he would call me. Fast forward until August 24, 2021, I called them. If I didn't call them, they would have never called me back. HOW UNPROFESIONAL !!!! Harry asked me for my name, put me on hold, got back on the phone and said, "okay, looks like we can ALLOW you to bring in your wave runner." Allow me!!??? I said no, "after over 90 days of no contact from the marina, you are not ALLOWED to work on my equipment." You have already demonstrated that you don't care about me. You have zero professionalism!!!! This low rent, cheap, want to be marina couldn't even call it's customer and explain that they are backed up still, (which of course they are not) and please be patient. Then, act as if I were the issue because they have a poorly run operation. If business is that good, a real marina would hire more people. The new hires don't all have to be certified on every manufacturer, just mechanically inclined, have one or two certified mechanics supervising the work to get the equipment moving. Please consider every other option out there before even calling this "marine mechanic." BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!

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