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In response to the last review from Tony2u99. I’ve been a member here for 5 years and was present and witnessed the “pizza incident”. First, the doors to the kitchen were open. The woman mentioned simply walked into the kitchen and the pizza was thrown at the chef and landed on the floor. I understand frustrations when food isn’t quite right and service is slow but under these circumstances, the crowd far exceeded what the staff could handle and they were all working hard to do the best they could. Her behavior was extremely rude and out of line which explains why they were banned from returning. Every yacht club has its pros and cons but overall, it is what you make it. I love this hidden gem—even with its quirks and downfalls. The location is ideal, the amenities (showers, pool, bar, restaurant, entertainment) are great and the friendships we’ve formed with other members all far exceed the shortcomings. And just like the Browns, we keep hoping next year will be better.

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