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Very disappointed in this dock. Some of the power pedestals are shaky and seem ready to fall into the water. Also, the noted "obstruction" under the water is far from appropriate for municipal docks; I was afraid I my running gear was going to hit it, whatever "it" is. Even though I had a reservation, I wasn't able to fit in the available space without asking one of the other boats to move. Finally, the keypad on the gate is very finicky. I was a concerned about going ashore out of fear that I wouldn't be able to get back in. For a major city like Nashville, this dock leaves a lot to be desired.

Marina Response:
Hi Griffiba, Thanks for leaving this review to better help us improve the municipal docks. Part of our goal with taking over management of the dock is to help work with Metro Nashville to make them aware of the opportunity and usage potential of our riverfront. It all starts with usage and direct feedback to us. If we have no one coming to the docks we have today then they will never see the need to invest in more docks, better docks etc. The known obstruction is well labeled on all of the documentation and on the dock itself to avoid as it is directly under the bridge. Part of boating and using a shared space requires boaters to dock appropriately, if you leave 20' of space between you and the next boat then they should expect to have to move. On weekends and event days we do our best to ensure people are not doing this as we expect to have full docks on those big weekends! I wish we had enough space to give you 20' between each boat but that is not the reality or expectation at any marina with linear dockage and all boaters should expect to snug to the nearest vessel. All of the electrical and pedestals are inspected each week and have zero issues with "shaky" pedestals, they are all properly secured with brand new GFI breakers, apologies you feel they will fall into the water but that is simply not true. Wish you the best and hope to host you again soon!
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