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If youâ??re on welfare, unemployed, and alcoholic youâ??ll just love this place. Old engine parts, tires, junk and old abandoned RVâ??s cockroaches and snakes inside your beautiful rented RV. Forgot to mention all rental RVâ??s and live aboard boats come complete with cockroaches and mold. The aroma is breathtaking. If you canâ??t find Sue call the Jail house she will probably be there. If your an alcoholic and accustomed to living in a dump Youâ??ll feel right at home. Normal business practices are, you send a reasonable deposit to reserve your rental. You loose your deposit if you cancel later then 2 weeks before arrival. Reasonable to her is send full first month in advance and should you have to cancel the next day you sent her any money she will not return anything. That way if you are disappointed when you arrive she pockets the money and you have to take legal action against her. All positive reviews have been posted by Sue and like friends and deposits are long gone before you arrive. If she misrepresents what she has to lease and what her site is really like You have to live with it or loose everything. I for one have pretty normal standards but this was way bellow anything I would accept. This place is a fraud and a dump. All her units are moldy and infested with cockroaches and the occasional snake. The owner is constantly under the influence or in jail. I advise you not to walk on her boardwalk this could be hazardous

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