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I purchased a beautiful Bayliner, 2018 with very low hours, at the end of the season 2020. Due to difficulties, I was forced to keep it here for the winter. The level of service was terrible. There was no the customer is right. It was more, you bought it, it's not our issue.. I paid for some issues to be fixed. I had a difficult time getting the boat delivered as I live in a different state. When I finally was able to receive the boat, I continued to have many issues wrong. After spending thousands of dollars to fix issues that were supposed to be repaired, my boat is finally able to be enjoyed. Of course the season is over. I would not trust buying a boat at this marina. Obviously there was a reason it was a good price. It was a huge disappointment.

Marina Response:
Mr. Massa did not purchase this boat from Hoffman's Marina or Hoffman's Boat Sales. We do not know where he purchased this boat from as he never told us, but it was definitely from a separate marine brokerage that is completely unaffiliated with Hoffman's. His review appears to fraudulently suggest otherwise. We were not consulted prior to the purchase of his boat, nor did we have any connection whatsoever with the sale. Mr. Massa was a first time customer with us only after he had purchased his boat. He contacted us explaining that he needed to have the boat delivered to his out of state home, but he felt it was not running properly. Mr. Massa did spend $9,456.68 at Hoffman's Marina, but none of this was for any kind of repair service at all. Mr. Massa's invoices were specifically for the following services: Winter Storage, Winterization and Shrink Wrap, Bottom Painting, Hull and Topside Detail Services, Installing a customer supplied Garmin GPS Unit, Replacing all Zincs, Removing Shrink Wrap and Commissioning Engines for Spring. Only $703.76 was ever billed to Mr. Massa for anything even remotely related to repairs. In October of 2020 at Mr. Massa's request, Hoffman's Marina sent two marine technicians to Mr. Massa's boat to inspect the alleged engine trouble and undergo a complete sea trial. Diagnostic tests were conducted, engines revved to 4400 rpms and 4800 rpms trimmed out, and performed as they should. Photos of the gauges were taken during the sea trial and were provided to the customer. Customer was not charged for any repairs but was charged for the tech's time/travel. No repairs were ever done to Mr. Massa's engines by Hoffman's Marina. Mr. Massa stored the boat with Hoffman's for the winter during which various elective services were ordered by the customer and completed by the Marina. In the Spring of 2021, Hoffman's then spring commissioned Mr. Massa's boat. At this time, Hoffman's also sea trialed the boat once again at no additional charge. Again the engines performed as they should. After departing the Marina, Mr. Massa's delivery captain advised that he was having an undisclosed issue with the boat. Despite our request for more information, the nature of the captain's issue was never explained. Mr. Massa only stated in a May 19, 2021 email to us that he "wished the issue had happened when we had it." The boat never returned to the Marina for any repairs. We regret that Mr. Massa is now apparently unhappy with our performance and customer service, however, after our initial meeting he did request more and more elective services with us over the next six months. Had Hoffman's been advised of or given the opportunity to rectify whatever situation Mr. Massa is currently unhappy about, we certainly would have. Used boats sold at a "Good Price" usually require repairs. This is why it's always recommended to obtain a survey from a reliable source prior to purchasing any used boat. Had Mr. Massa actually purchased his boat from Hoffman's Marina/Hoffman's Boat Sales, that is exactly what we would have advised him to do.
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