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Unfortunately I am unable to provide a 5 star review for my most recent stay. We booked the slip for 3 nights and upon arrival we hailed in to retrieve our slip number, the slip was provided and appropriate for our vessel, but the following day our slip was in use once we returned back to the marina from dinner. We were unable to contact any appropriate personnel at the marina to determine where we should dock therefore spoke to some near by vessels who stated we would be fine here and to run our power across the dock until the dock crew could handle the next day. We did have management of the resort also send an email to notify the dock master of our displacement. The following day we returned to our vessel to find someone cut our power off losing our refrigerated goods and breastmilk along with our regular milk for our two children. As I'm sure everyone now understands the level of frustration since our only form of transportation is our boat which we traveled roughly 4 and half hours on. We continued to do our part my calling into the dock master who eventually we spoke to that afternoon. (The owners of the slip retuened unexpectedly) He was very professional, concerned and accommodating when we were able to finally speak with him. I appreciate his mannerisms and tactful response but unfortunately what had been done had already been done and the frustration that these events caused and the loss of what is my child's food source was very disheartening and disappointing. A short planned vacation turned into a stressful communication catastrophe and I can only hope that the dock master and dockwa plan to make these not so perfect events right. In the events that are taking place today unfortunately this trip led me to cry over spilt milk.

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