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This is a great marina conveniently located in a great town. The staff is very professional and made our entire group of 8 boats happy and welcomed. The current is swift on the ebb tide but the staff were on the docks to catch lines and assist. Once ashore there are plenty of places to eat, drink, and shop. So many other things to do. Great port as a destination or as a stop on a longer passage.

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It’s difficult for me to compare this marina with other Boston Harbor marinas as this is the first time I’ve stopped in Boston. Pros, Great location to dinning and attractions, spectacular views, great staff, showers, bathrooms and laundry if needed. Dock side picnic area and coffee machine. Good floating docks, water and electric all what you’d expect. Cons, Marina can get bounced a bit with harbor boat traffic and or wind even though it’s tucked in a bit. The historic building right next to the marina is under construction and work began on Monday morning at 6am. It was very noisy. I’m sure the marina staff is not happy nor to blame about this issue.

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Mystic SeaportJul 27, 2017

Great stay at the Mystic Seaport. Wonderful staff, lots to see, and very calm protected docking. Our group got a wonderful behind the sceen tour of the Museum. We dock in Mystic and this is a first for staying on the grounds. Highly recommend a visit. This is not a late party place to stay.

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