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Hartge Yacht Harbor is a splendid marina to keep your boat. However, do not call on this marina’s services the problem is not that they are good at anything but are bad at everything from my experience - They do not understand Webasto heaters and say that units are unusually design - They do not understand how to install Max props and in particular are confused with pitch value and the difference between left and right handed props. - They do not know how to change a hose on a manual bilge pump. - They do not know how to properly install sanitary hoses in a reasonable time. - They do not know how to install seacocks - They very seldom call back or answer emails - They make appointments and forget clients are coming. - They invoice for replacement parts they themselves have lost and invoice time taken to replace said parts. - All of this is experienced with last service manager - New service manager does not get confused with facts and bases his invoice without paying any attention to actual work completed successfully.

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