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We’ve always enjoyed our past stays at Spring Cove but this year it was just off. It took 20 minutes of idling time in the harbor before we got our slip assignment, then we were tucked back behind the Beacon Marina boat shed against a bulkhead wall near the travel lift. It was noisy listening to power washing boat bottoms all day and then our second day a giant lift was placed on the dock behind us as they cut down trees all day. The docks are in rough shape and showing there age, we had a number of loose boards on our catwalk. I was told it’s u see new management and hopefully they get it worked out. Solomons is a great town and has rebounded of the past couple years and really an enjoyable anchorage.

Marina Response:
We apologize for the experience you had and hope you are satisfied with how we tried to address the issue privately.
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We always love Herrington, the grounds are beautiful, Ketch22 has great food and accommodated our large groups over the years. Our only draw back with Herrington over the years is there inconsistency in docking. Typically at checkin they will not accept request, i.e beach pier, bulkhead etc. You are told first come first serve. Then upon arrival with multiple dockages open at these locations it is certainly not first come first saved. Often times told they are reserved. Rules are rules, just be consistent with what you advertise and your actions.

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