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The slip where they put us was crappy. The slip was right next to the opening to the inside of the marina. A lot of big charter boats (head fishing boats, party dinner boats, etc.) coming and going all times of day and night. No outside poles to tie to so boat would just bang against the dock. We had fenders out but they were no match for the wake. We ask why they did not put us in another slip as many where open. Their response was we where too wide. We are 14'3". We are a Meridian 408. There were other Meridians 411 there which have the same beam as us. We travel to about 20 to 25 different marinas a year and we can tell the difference in service from government run marina's vs. private marina's. I first wanted to move because of he smell from the bird poop. Someone did come down and poorly washed off the poop. I asked to leave the hose and I latter did a better job of washing it off. The next day, I saw another boat come in and the first thing they did was to wash the poop off the dock also. We planned of staying for three days. We left after the second day. I did talk to others who have stayed there and they said slips between the bridge and dock masters office were best.

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Great dock master. Wish they had floating docks

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Well run marina. Close to downtown Gulfport.

Marina Response:
Thank you, Please visit us again Denis Frain Marina Director
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