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Dock very unsafe. Stepping off vessel, the dock board was unattached to the stringers. My crew mate almost fell in as the board seesawed up into the air. Could have been severely injured or worse. My wife, who doesn’t have the best sea legs, was frightened to even get off the boat. Imagine that lawsuit with Oasis? We walked the finger pier, and found 10 to 15 other boards that weren’t attached to the stringers. The dock hands quickly “bandaided” the problem with single screw fixation to each end of each unattached board. I feel that our one night stay should have been refunded. The marina rules state that you are prohibited from hanging towels or clothes on your boat to dry. Maybe they should focus on safety before such petty rules! Oasis is a big company. They should make sure the marinas are safe after they rush to purchase them, instead of just trying to make money renting to transients.

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Beautiful marina with wonderful staff.

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Wonderfully interesting boat yard with everything you’ll ever need for repairs. Beautiful grounds as well.

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Thank you!
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