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NOTE: The below was sent by email to the Edgartown Harbormaster's office over a week ago - There has been zero reply. BOAT OWNERS PLEASE BEWARE! "Edgartown Harbormaster, We were moored at yellow #82 from Thurs 7/25 to Fri 7/26 with our 47’ sailboat, “Sonder". A harbor patrol boat (piloted by a blonde haired teenage boy) promptly came to collect the ball fee when we arrived, but the boat was being driven much too fast and the harbor patrol boat slammed into our hull with the tip of it’s bow before the teenager was able to re-maneuver it sidewise to raft up alongside us with the protective fenders. At the horrified look on all our faces he simply said “sorry.” and then asked us for the money. There was no wind, waves, or other piloting conditions to excuse his irresponsible driving and perpendicularly ramming into us like this. We were all completely aghast at what had happened and piled into the dinghy to inspect our hull. There was a large horizontal scrape in our dark blue paint on the port side. We peeled away the black rubber residue left behind from the pointed bow of the patrol boat and then tried to buff away the large mark. It was improved, but not erased by any means. We immediately called the harbormaster’s phone to report the incident - The gentleman I spoke to said that someone would go to the boat to personally check the damage and then call us back. Nobody ever called us back. We were busy hosting family, so we tried again to call back the next day, but did not get an answer (it was a very busy Friday afternoon, so I understand this). I am including photos of the damage both before and after we tried to buff out the mark. This is really unfortunate that the teenager who hit us took no absolutely responsibility, but worse that the office we reported it to never followed up with us. I hope all of this will be communicated to your teenage staff member so that he will be much more cautions and courteous in the future…his careless driving is a liability to the Harbormaster’s office and those around him. I expect at the very least that our mooring fee for the night will be fully refunded to us due to the damage and inconvenience this has caused, not to mention the time it has taken trying to get someone to follow up with us. We hope to hear from the harbormaster with a reasonable resolution ASAP." NOTE: The above was sent by email to the Edgartown Harbormaster's office over a week ago - There has been zero reply. BOAT OWNERS PLEASE BEWARE!

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