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Nice location, excellent amenities and friendly staff. Some of the amenities need updating and I it looks like that's in process. When we filled up at our home club our fuel vent was blocked with spider debris. To be fair that could have4 happened before the trip. We were only there 2 nights. However when we told people about it, everyone noted that there's an issue with dock spiders at Essex. That was all word of mouth. I never noticed a spider on the docks or boat. At the end of the day, I think this is an excellent stop and would encourage you to visit them. If any concern about spiders I would check that out before the trip.

Marina Response:
We are glad you and your group enjoyed your stay! As you expected we have certainly been improving the Island since we purchased it 4 years ago and plan to continue until everything is in top shape. Thank you for letting us know about a possible spider issue around A Basin where you had stayed. This is certainly unusual in that area. We look forward to your next visit!
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We had a nice stay. The staff was very good, the facilities were pretty clean and overall it was a good stay. Probably the biggest disappointment was them shutting down the snack bar Sunday morning due to a refrigeration issue. I could have lived without breakfast but it seems as though they could have still sold coffee or at least left the coffee supplies out. Instead we hoofed it out to the main road and found Simon's Marketplace where we had an excellent breakfast before taking the long walk back to the marina. I would go back.

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