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Really disappointed with our stay at Burnham. We were assigned the T dock at the end (which was our preference). When we arrived, there was a boat in our assigned spot. We enquired with a fellow boater and she said it had been there for at least two weeks. It was plugged in, but canvas flying off and it looked abandoned. We asked why the they couldn't tow the boat off the dock if it was abandoned. They said they were trying to reach the owner. Harbormaster assigned us another T dock and we got situated there. We were to have a 3 night stay. The second day, we were told we had to move because that dock was being used for a "private party" and they specifically requested our newly assigned dock. We explained that we were not told we would have to move. It would be a big hassle because we had people visiting all day and we would now have to move and communicate to everyone where we moved to. They offered us a small discount which was pretty insignificant compared to the hassle of moving. But, it seemed like we were not being given a choice. When we went by in our dinghy later that night, we see the "private party" was a much smaller boat than ours that could have gone on many other docks and been just fine. Also, it was gone by the end of the night. Also, the abandoned boat had been moved. So, basically, we got the inconvenienced because Burnham didn't manage the process. Last thing, went in to use the assigned bathrooms on Monday right after they had been cleaned. I watched the cleaning crew walk out. Bathroom was nice and clean, NO TOILET PAPER. How do you miss that part?? We love the location and I'm sure we will be back for other events in the city, but this time, it was a miss.

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