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We picked up a mooring later I the afternoon. I had called twice to see if there were any available but both dock hands had no idea of the vacancy in the field. Both young men were very pleasant and tried to offer advice. I am just not sure having everything thru Dockwa, there couldn’t have been a more definitive answer. The biggest complaint is the cleanliness of the women’s bathroom/showers. We stayed 2 nights and the first night, I had to clean a large clump of hair from the shower drain so there wasn’t standing water. There was clumps of dry hair and garbage on the floor as well. I hoped someone would have cleaned the bathroom within a 24 hour period but when I used the shower again on Sunday night, nothing had been cleaned and all hair/garbage was still on the floor. We have stayed here for the past 6 cruising seasons as we transit the ICW, but I am sorry to say, the conditions are worse now than when it was the City Marina Also, not one employee was wearing a mask, including the woman in the ship’s store. The sign stated I couldn’t enter without a mask, the same should be said to the employees

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