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Had my bottom job down there last year, the shop manager ronnie literally refused to do the job that they were supposed to do. Gave him an exact deadline and reminded him 2 weeks before my departure. He said there was no problem and refused to do any work for a week. When it got to within 3 days of my departure, he finally started to work on it, didnt have the job down when it was time to take my boat out of there. He claimed he needed another week, but literally did NO work in the week and a half prior. He then lied to me and said that there were 3 coats of paint when there was only one. There painted on my waterline CROOKED! after a week the paint started peeling off because they hadn't solvent cleaned the sanded hull before painting! This place is managed by a bunch of crooks, go elsewhere for anything you need done, they will screw you over here, just look at the court records and see how many times they have been sued...

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