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This was our first time at Block Island. We were looking forward to a great experience, however practically from the beginning our mood soured very much to the point of being very upset with several things: 1. The marina was overcrowded with boats, where they were stacking us two to three boats deep and three boats wide and these were not small boats. Most boats were 50ft+. It felt like everyone were on top of each other.... 2. We stayed at the marina for three nights (Friday to Monday), but it was impossible to leave the dock by boat and go for a swim in the bay area. 3. Dock crew was very experienced and quick, but unceremonious and never bothered to ask permission to board the boat during the docking or when they were tying other boats to ours (stacking us three wide). 4. The close proximity of the neighboring boats at times was uncomfortable. 5. Although our Dockwa reservations was correct in the Dockwa system, upon checking in at the office, I discovered that they had our reservation screwed up in their system. The person at check in was border line rude saying that my reservations were only for two nights instead of three and my pricing was way higher in their system. Only after insisting to see the manager, whom I had to wait for to come from another office at the other side of the marina, this problem was resolved according to my original Dockwa reservation. 6. There were no welcome packets given to us with the information about the marina and its amenities. 7. WIFI was not powerful enough to reach our boat, although we were only fifty feet away from the dock office. In summary, this was a very frustration experience, which will keep us away from Champlin's for any foreseeable future.

Marina Response:
As of December 2020, we had the honor of becoming the new owners of Champlin's Marina & Resort. We are excited about the opportunity to revitalize and re-approach how we welcome and host you at this one-of-a-kind destination. Our new management team comes to Block Island with decades of hospitality experience, ensuring our guests and superior customer service are always top of mind. We invite you to join us again this summer to experience and explore the multitude of changes, upgrades, and renovations since the previous ownership. From 5-star service to fully-renovated guest rooms, new marina slip configurations, Pier 76 Dock Bar, Galley House Restaurant, and more, your ultimate vacation getaway awaits!
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