Manatee Bay Boat Club (Dockominium)

Key Largo, Florida

The name of the Dockominium is MANATEE BAY CLUB CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION, INC., that operates solely as a Marina. Seaport Development, LLC ("the Developer") is the owner of the forty-five (45) unsold Units (Docks) in the Condominium, which are being offered for sale. They are top-of-the line boat slips, 36' to 62' in length. The condominium contains ninety-four (94) units of various sizes and shapes. Ninety-three (93) of them are for the dockage of vessels and parking of units (except for 13 units where parking will be assigned outside of the Unit). There are twenty-nine (29) "assignable parking spaces". Unit owners OWN BAY BOTTOM! Unit H-17 is for general commercial use. BULK SALE IS ENCOURAGED! The Developer has installed new aluminum docks, new pilings, new water and electric infrastructure with individual meters, and new fire extinguishers. The owner of each Unit owns 1-94 interest in the Common Elements and is obligated to pay the proportionate share of the Common Expenses ($145.00 per month + $10.00 per month for Reserves). The Developer serves as the President on the Board of Directors of the Condominium Association. MANATEE BAY CLUB has approximately 4,000 ft. of lineal docks that are built along the Piers; A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H. Six (6) live-aboard vessels are permitted to dock within the Condominium. There are recreational facilities and other commonly used facilities that are part of the Common Elements.There is on-location Odor-free Waste Water Sewage Plant that can process 45,000 GAL of water per day. The Plant is included in the offer.

Manatee Bay Club is situated off Highway US 1 at M.M. 112.5, on, what is known as, the 18 mile stretch between Florida City and Key Largo. Via automobile it's a 45-55 minute drive to down-town Miami, and a 5-8 minute drive to amenities and services in Key Largo. The 9.2 acres property is tucked away in the midst of mangroves and vast bodies of water. It lends itself to fishing, back-country exploring, water sports, tranquil living, and on-site activities. It is one of the last secrets in Monroe County.

RECREATIONAL FACILITIES: Tropical Landscaped Pool Deck, Pool, SPA, Bathhouse, Laundry Room, Ice Machine, Restrooms, Optional Chickee Huts.

UTILITIES AND CERTAIN SERVICES: Security Gate, Water, Electricity, Fire Extinguishers, Sanitary Sewage and Waste Disposal, Solid Waste, Storm Drainage.


Width: 0.0' - Length: 0.0' - Depth: 4.5'

Contact Info

Phone: 561-603-9342

Email: [email protected]