65 Ft Slip available in East Hampton, NY

East Hampton, New York
$$3.50 per ft per day or $2500 per month and $9500 per season

It is a gem located at Maidstone harbor marina on Three mile harbor in the springs section of East Hampton. Our slip is Slip#1 with unobstructed views of the harbor and the stunning sunsets. The slip is on the bulkhead which has a large private lawn adjacent to the slip. The Marina is well protected and is considered a hurricane hole. There are many amenities including a private pool, clean modern showers and bathrooms. There are several restaurants within walking distance. The famous Mobys is next door with a beautiful outdoor bar to watch the sunset while enjoying a glass of Rose from one of the local Vineyards. There is also the 5 star Harbor bistro restaurant located in the Marina as well.


Width: 24.0' - Length: 65.0' - Depth: 8.0'

Contact Info

Phone: 917-913-7577

Email: [email protected]