30’ Open Slip in Waverly Marina, Portland, OR

Portland, OR

Private Gated Marina on Willamette River upstream from the Sellwood Bridge / Private Fuel Dock with Rest Rooms, Shower and Laundry Room / Gated and Covered Parking / Power and Water at Slip (also Garbage and Recycling on shore) / Centrally Located in middle of marina across from guest dock / Unique Sheltered Location on Willamette River with Light Current Flow / Powers Marine Park directly across river (on west side) with Open Space on Hill Above / Waverley Golf Course immediately upstream (on east side) / Short Cruise north into City (Lights at Night) / Cruise south to Oregon City (Wildlife and Luxury Homes) / No heavy Traffic Noise and No Airliner Noise or Pollution / Live-aboard Option for Owners


Width: 12.0' - Length: 30.0' - Depth: 8.0'

Contact Info

Phone: 503 352-9036

Email: [email protected]