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So difficult to rate this place it has its up and downs, now it looks like itÂ’s in an upswing. First this place is a legendary marina with a very long history. As story has it the artist Guy Harvey bought it and did not listen to the advice of the owner of Bimini sands, Who told him you need 10 million in renovations. Harvey and his partners dumped in just shy of 1 million and the place went downhill for several years and then Guy Harvey dumped it. (This is the story not sure how much is true.) Now I think the government owns it. The place is still ok. There is an ok restaurant and bar with very, very slow service. They have events and activities for kids and a clean pool. CUSTOMS is there now! I do not like the locals and native kids on the docks asking to clean your boat or fish but security seams ok. They have a liquor store, nice bathroom and showers and walking distance to Alice town. The docks SUCK! Splintery, Old, fixed wood docks and poorly lit with strong current. Visit this place because it is a legend and it is better than Bimini bay. Just tie your boat very well with many bumpers and wear sandles on the dock because of splinters.