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Not a safe port...avoid Prime Marina, East Greenwich, RI at all costs! I worked out a deal to get my boat hauled at the end of the day and left in the slings overnight and if my boat was ready to go back in the water at the start of the next day I would only get charged for a short haul. When the boat was ready to put in the water the following morning, the billing manager didn’t like the deal and charged my credit card for twice my written quote. When I complained, he said he was going to seize my boat and block it in his yard. The office manager eventually directed him to credit my credit card for the overcharged amount. When leaving, the billing manager rushed towards me, called me swear words, and actually put his hands on me pushing me towards the door. Something is seriously wrong with this place. No service they can provide is worth the chance of dealing with them. If you’re looking for happy boating steer clear of Prime Marina, East Greenwich, RI. Captain Michael 50 Ton Master Update... Prime Marina’s response to my one star review was not an apology but to take the oil from my oil change, put my name and phone number on the 5 gallon pail, and deliver it to my dock at another marina. I find this to be inappropriate and bizarre. Something is seriously wrong with at Prime Marina, East Greenwich, RI! Captain Michael 50 Ton Master