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The dock master does not exist. The owner is a inhospitable person whose anxious about his business and treats customers like he’s doing them a favor. My new boat has a 14 ft. 7” beam and requires a slip that is appropriate to its size. He’s by his actions anti-sailboat. Windage takes boats too and fro. If you don’t have bow and rear thrusters your in trouble with any wind. The dock staff work yesterdays bankers hours. So, they are not available at 7 AM when I came to the dock the second time to get in. Scott the owner is an awful manager and leader. He’s trying to keep himself afloat by taking on three or four jobs himself. And in this time it’s almost understandable but he’s not honest with himself or his customers. He did not come to the phone or even call me back the day before I arrived when I was going to explain my situation with the large beam of my new boat. I asked for the dockmaster. He’s the dockmaster too as well as the restaurant manager and who knows what else. I have empathy for anyone who is trying just to survive this awful time. All they have to do is apologize and to try to make things right. But like a child who is confronted with his mistakes he’s not mature enough to admit his failings and to ask for and to provide an alternative to a bad situation and mistakes he’s made. Dockwa must provide oversight and testing of their vendors many are good some exceed expectations. But in this case your lucky if you get poor service.