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RUDE and unprofessional. Being in quarantine now, I finally have had a chance to catch up with reviews. The words that come to mind for this Cortlandt YC are heartless and uncaring. If you want to get ahold of someone there, forget it, you can't but they will keep you large deposit even though there is less than 3 feet of water on the immediate approach of the marina and countless piles of rocks and debris within the marina. I wrecked my newly repaired outdrives pulling into the marina, and it wasn't anywhere near low tide I had been warned by four other people beforehand about the depth there, but I was suckered in by a group of their club members who later on scoffed at my issue, and said to call "their mechanic". I have never been treated more poorly and the phoney nice guy attitudes sure faded at the drop of a dime. They take no responsibility for anything there, nor do they do anything in a timely fashion for the boaters I've spoken to who've had minor yet troubling thefts from their boats. These boaters have all told me it goes with the territory of docking in marinas. No way, that's absurd and nothing I would ever tolerate again. My other regret is not writing this back in August when it all happened, but we had a family health emergency to deal with. The short of this all, is I wouldn't recommend CYC to anyone.