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We have never ever stayed at a place like this. If I read this review you might think "oh they are hard to please" but I promise you we are not. I even spent 24 hrs thinking about this before deciding to post. Seems to me this place is run by people who are just coming out of rehab and run by a super greedy owner. Staff have terrible customer service skills and are only able to do the basics like housekeeping and cooking. Its really pitiful. Good for them if they are helping the community. Just let that be known because we are certainly willing to support a cause. As a boater-I would recommend never plan to stay here. Its terrible. You will be treated like you are bothering them (even though you pay for EVERYTHING) and the staff is not capable. Apparently using Dockwa is the problem as to why they can't help boaters at the front desk. But they sure can take your money... Bottom line: worst marina we have ever stayed and here is why: 1. No ladders on site should you fall into the water or need to access the water for any reason. 2. No trash cans at all in the marina and they do not intend to place any. You will have to take your trash to the dumpster which you cannot access but you can wait for the staff to arrive. 3. Showers are not easily accessible from marina. IF you can even get a key from the front desk. 4. Staff is incredibly rude. Day and night. 5. Will tell you that if you need dock help to give them a 1 hour notice. That detail is not posted anywhere. But expect them to act like you are annoying them for even asking. 6. Surprise! You will find out there is no marina staff at all. Ever. But after giving the 1 hr notice, plan to get the cook and general manager who have no idea what to do and will say "What did you want me to do? We have no idea about boats." 7. Little to no lighting on dock. Very dangerous. 8. No internet service. Yet you will pay for it. Don't ask about it because the rude staff will simply say "its not working". 9. Plan to pay extra for everything inside because you are "staying at the marina and not a hotel guest". Even was refused a napkin for the $15 breakfast which was horrible. Though the waitress did hand me a pile of brown paper towels after she handed a hotel guest a cloth napkin. 10. No reflective tape on the dock to illuminate dock slip numbers. You will have to guess on your own. 11. Do not plan to get any service from the front desk. They wear captains shirts but cannot log on to the computer or help marina guests. And they certainly cannot come out of the office.