Report Review

What was GREAT: Using Dockwa to reserve a slip and then the marina texting a diagram of the marina with our slip assignment. It’s the only way we knew what to do once inside the marina. The head ‘guy’ and ‘dock girl’ were completely tuned into helping boaters. What needs to IMPROVE: The dock crew didn’t have a working radio or a back up hand radio for hailing vessels. The place is enormous, like mega big, yet the dock crew don’t travel with radio packs? How are they communicating and managing the docks? You need an Uber to use the facilities and every marina with restaurants are gated off from one another- to tender over you will venture into the lake or you could hike. We saw 4 party boats, big boats with big fun, I hope there was a captain; Luke Duke flew into the marina and hit a sailboat like it was NASCAR. On our next trip, we will try a different marina.