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Don't waste your time or money with them go down the road a mile either way and find a nice place with things to do. Hard to even get boats onto water because they have so much veggie growth in the water at the docks. The owners will sell you a trailer that needs extensive repairs at low cost and tell you numerous times they will go with you to get the title done and in your name once you make the trailer liveable because they have been burnt by numerous people. This family busted there butt made the trailer look amazing when they was suppose to get the trailer in there name park owners kept coming up with excuse after excuse well guess what this family fixed a trailer up put blood sweat tears and cash into it just for the owners of the park to resale the trailer. They also sold a trailer to a family that they didn't have the title nor permission to sale such trailer. They are very hard to deal with, they have nothing for kids to do kids will get into trouble if they throw rocks into water hello all kids like to do that. The owners either love you or hate you and if your younger they hate you. Seen the post from campergirl don't get your hopes up we have been going there for 7 years and been nothing but empty promises they delayed opening one season said they were fixing the road suppose to be paving it they didn't do anything but take a grader and made the road a little wider but left the road rough. Was suppose to have put electric gate up 3 years in a row never happened. Least if your in the back row of trailers you can hear the entertainment from the campground across the field im serious go to paradise or wild wings don't give these people any money they are scam artist