Report Review

We visited during the week. First the good: The location is terrific. The bathhouse was clean. Resident boaters were very friendly. The bad: The staff were present on the grounds — I know because I saw teenage dockhands zipping around on golf carts occasionally. I can’t saw I ever saw one of them doing what I would call a “job.” Communication with the marina staff could be called “difficult” at best. Although they knew when to expect us, the marina could not be raised on the radio to provide a slip assignment or guidance on where to go. The piers are not well marked from the water, and when we did get someone on the phone, the communication skills still left a lot to be desired. Once we got to a slip, we only ever saw the mostly teenage staff at a distance, goofing off. We did see a pump-out cart drive past once, and that appeared to be driven by an adult. The office was closed and locked (with an “open” sign lit, and the fuel dock was left unmanned. The ice freezers were padlocked. Other boaters requested our help getting in and tied up, which is fine, as we are always happy to help, but they have dock hands... somewhere. The piers themselves are not well maintained; a few soft boards, a lot of raised nails, and leaking faucets. Immediately adjacent to the office was the marina’s runabout, which was left poorly tied, and which I found wedged under the stringers of the dock at high tide, taking on water. I freed the boat to save it from sinking, but could not find anyone to whom I could report the incident. Boaters came into the fuel dock and left, unable to get anyone to answer the radio or phone to provide assistance. The contrast: We came to this marina exactly a year ago and had a vastly different experience. Last year the radio was attended, the dockhands were present, and extremely helpful, the office was open, ice was available, the fuel dock was manned, and hands did dock-walks checking on vessels and pier conditions. What a difference a year makes! I don’t know if the management changed, but I can’t stress how disappointed I was by our visit.