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This is a great marina, with lots of amenities. The hourly bus that runs to downtown is great. Need to be dropped off or picked up on the way? Just let them know. Bathroom facilities are clean and modern, however the Salty Oyster is still operating with a limited menu, and serving in take out boxes. People working there are very professional and accommodating. However, (you knew there was going to be a however), with the price paid, I expect everything to be working properly or a partial refund to be offered. If you need or expect wi-fi, this is not the marina for you. Oh the signal is great, good strong signal, but no internet connection. We were there for the month of January, and the service was never working. It wasn’t just us, every boat had the same complaint. You complain to the front desk, they send someone to your boat to help. Of course they can’t help. If this problem were corrected, I would rate 5 stars, but a stated before, for the price being charged, I expect near perfection, but if perfection can’t be achieved, I expect some art of compensation.