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beware of this marina,I stopped in there due to an emergency, I asked for a technician to check out my charging system,Tom turned up,he removed the alterator, said it was U/S (true) then waited 5 days for them to supply a new one at just under $400, this was the wrong one,so I sourced one on the internet for $80, plus next day delivery,I fitted this myself,but the engine still not starting , on further inspection the bus bar had been completely slackened off/sabotaged,I eventually sorted out the problem myself, when I came to pay the marina, they gave me a bill for $650, so I questioned this with the owner, who did not want to know, and told me to sort it out with the office boy Matt who when I took it up with him started ranting and raving like something demented, so use these people at your peril, I was not the only one there at that time who had fallen foul of the rip off and incompetance of these greedy people. beware you have been warned