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Download Tutorials by Subject

Step-by-step instructions to set up your marina for online reservations.
We recommend you read through each tutorial then do the steps in order.
1. Getting Started - An overview of set up procedures.

2. General Settings - Adding your policies and contact information for Reservation Confirmations.
Selecting Active Types.
Uploading your marina logo for the Confirmations.
3. Sales Tax Settings - indicating the sales tax rates for what you will be renting or selling online. 

4. Shore Power - Describing the Shore Power options you have available at your facility.

5. Discounts - Defining Discounts you want to offer to groups or for promotions or special events.  
6. Special Options - Adding items, services and amenities that the boater will receive or purchase along with the slip or storage reservation

7. Descriptions - Putting it all together to describe what the boater will find when searching your marina for availabilities.  
8. Payment Gateway - Entering the codes and keys that will enable online checkout and funds transfer from boater to marina  
9. Add to Web Page - Working with Custom Pages to add the Search Box and content the boater will view on your web pages  
10. View & Export Orders - Viewing orders made online and exporting data for use in your revenue management system  
11. Inventory - Viewing inventory information from online reservations. Working with ReserveNow and your own inventory system. Modifying inventory to accommodate daily rates, holiday rates, seasonal rates, etc.  
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