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City Barletta
Region Marche
Country Italy
Barletta Light
City Liscia Di Vacca
Country Italy
Canale della Bisce Light (Capo Ferro Northeast Light)
City Arbatax
Country Italy
Capo Bellavista Light
City Pischina Salida
Country Italy
Capo Caccia Light
City San Stefano
Country Italy
Capo Carbonara Light
City Marinella
Country Italy
Capo Colonne Light
City Capo Comino
Country Italy
Capo Comino Light
City Capo d'Orlando
Region Sicily
Country Italy
Capo d'Orlando Light
City Bussana
Country Italy
Capo dell'Arma Light (Punta Verde Light, Capo Verde Light)
City Bergeggi
Country Italy
Capo di Vado Light
City Monte Nai
Country Italy
Capo Ferrato Light
City Liscia di Vacca
Country Italy
Capo Ferro Light

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