Coming soon: Top-Rated Marinas of January 2020

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Boaters' Choice may be once a year, but we celebrate the boost a good review can bring all year long.


Marina Reviews that Show the Love

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From now until Valentine's, we're picking a review a day that shows appreciation for a marina.


Show Marinas the Love!

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Review marinas for a chance to win our daily dockage credit giveaway. ⚓❤️


California's Top-Rated Marinas of 2019

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These 15 West Coast marinas earned top marks in 2019.


Why are's Boaters' Choice Awards skewed toward the East Coast?

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One of California's leading boating publications brought up a fantastic point with regard to the Boaters' Choice Awards: why aren't more West Coast marinas on the list?

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Press rolls in for 2019 Boaters' Choice Award Winners

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Harbor communities and local press are cheering for their 2019 Boaters' Choice Award winners!

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Marina Profiles added in December 2019

by Becky at boasts the most comprehensive list of marina locations on the web. A behind-the-scenes look at how we're staying up-to-date.

New Marina Profiles

2019 Boaters' Choice Award Winners

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249 marinas received the 2019 Boaters' Choice designation for their excellence in hospitality.

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Marina Reviews: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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While some reviews manage to stay level-headed even when reporting a less-than-excellent experience, others can come off sounding personal, malicious, or unreasonable – and thus less than helpful.


Announcing the 2018 Boaters' Choice Award Winners and New Elite Fleet Tier

by Becky at announced today the recipients of the 2018 Boaters' Choice Awards, honoring the marinas which boaters most praised throughout the year.

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