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Southport Harbor Inlet

City Southport
State Connecticut
Country United States

Latitude 41° 7" 39'
Longitude -73° 17" 14'
Format DD DMS
Body of water Long Island Sound to Southport Harbor
Current Conditions
Temperature: 68F
Dewpoint: 68F

High: 79F
Low: 63F

High: 74F
Low: 63F

High: 83F
Low: 62F

Partly Cloudy

Southport Harbor is located five miles southwest of Bridgeport and almost seven miles east of Norwalk off Long Island Sound near Sasco Hill Beach. The town of Southport is a small Colonial-era town, and Southport Harbor reaches past the waterfront with a thin and narrow dredged channel that weaves its way in and out of various shoals that can bare at low tide.

Moored boats line the harbor and two marina facilities are in town, but neither of them publicly states that they have transient space; you may be able to arrange a slip for the night prior to your arrival, however. There are limited possibilities for provisioning ashore including a small market where you can stock up on basic supplies.

Navigating the Water:
The key to successfully navigating Southport Harbor is to work your way slowly and carefully along the marked channel. With shoals that bare at low tide on either side of the channel, this is no place to come speeding in to.

Start your approach to Southport Harbor at red nun “2,” about a half-mile south of the harbor opening. From here, set a course for, and follow green can “3,” red nun “4,” and then green can “5.” Flashing green “7” serves as the primary outer lighted marker to the harbor and is followed by red nun “8,” green can “9,” red nun “10” and green can “11” at the harbor opening. The east breakwater is marked with flashing red “12.” Once inside the harbor, work your way slowly along the moored boats and the waterfront with a close eye on the depth sounder.

Local Notices to Mariners:
Local Notices to Mariners are available online from the U.S. Coast Guard.