Learn to "Put the Fire Out" on May 17

The USCG Risk Mitigation Series, hosted by the American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC), will focus on fire-suppression systems, standards, and requirements with roundtable discussions that include the professionals who write and enforce the standards as well as manufacturers and experts who work on fire suppression.

Registration is free for this online event titled Put the Fire Out!, this Tuesday, May 17, from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. (ET).

The agenda will address such topics as the new Coast Guard standards for portable fire extinguishers, ABYC standards currently under review to be published in 2023, and what the future holds for fire suppression. With an event designed for manufacturers, repairers, surveyors, and investigators, Risk Mitigation: Series 2 will bring in representatives from the USCG, ABYC, NFPA, UL, ICOMIA, and other vested parties.

• Topic I – Understanding Fire Suppression Equipment and Policy

Speakers: Jeff Ludwig (USCG); Brandi Baldwin (USCG); Jeff Decker (USCG)

• Topic II – Standards, Regulations, Policy, and Practice

Speakers: Craig Scholten (ABYC); Patrick Hemp (ICOMIA); Blake Shugarman (UL)

• Topic III – The Past, Present & Future of Extinguisher Media and Hardware

Speakers: Joseph Pada (Perimeter Solutions); Mark Siem (Perimeter Solutions); Luis Gonzalez (3M-Novec); Danny Brown (Hiller)

• Topic IV – Inspection, Installation, Maintenance

Speakers: J.R. Nerat (National Presto Safety); Jason Karasinski (IAAI)

For more information about Put the Fire Out! and to register for free, click here.

The USCG Risk Mitigation Series hosts interactive and in-depth discussions related to one general topic on a reoccurring basis. The USCG/ABYC Risk Mitigation: Series 1--Regulations and Electrification in November 2021 attracted more than 400 registrants.

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May 12, 2022

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