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Crab Alley Creek Inlet

City Dominion
State Maryland
Country United States

Latitude 38° 55" 60'
Longitude -76° 17" 9'
Format DD DMS
Body of water Crab Alley Bay to Crab Alley Creek
Current Conditions
Temperature: 59F
Dewpoint: 59F

Mostly Cloudy
High: 77F
Low: 61F

High: 80F
Low: 62F

High: 76F
Low: 63F


Crab Alley Creek is located at the head of Crab Alley Bay near the top of Eastern Bay off of Chesapeake Bay on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Crab Alley Bay and Creek both got their names from the abundance of the local Maryland Blue Crabs in the waters here. You will often see the classic white work boats hauling their traps or tending their trotlines in the area during the summer months.

Navigating the Water:
Crab Alley Bay and Crab Alley Creek Inlet are located north of Tilghman Point in Eastern Bay. Flashing red buoy “4” is the mid-bay mark for Eastern Bay. From this point, head north to green can “1,” and then to green daybeacon “3” and red daybeacon “4.” Crab Alley Creek is tucked behind Johnson Island, and red daybeacon “8 and green daybeacon “7.” There is a marina at the mouth of the creek, and one can find eight- to ten-foot depths farther upstream.

Local Notices to Mariners:
Local Notices to Mariners are available online from the U.S. Coast Guard.