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Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

State Maine
Country United States

Latitude 43° 50" 12'
Longitude -69° 30" 19'
Format DD DMS
Body of water Johns Bay
Height Above Water 76 feet
Light Characteristics Flashing white every six seconds.
Current Conditions
Temperature: 38F
Dewpoint: 38F

High: 36F
Low: 15F

Snow Showers
High: 41F
Low: 27F

High: 43F
Low: 28F

Chance of Rain

The Pemaquid Point Lighthouse does not actually stand on Pemaquid Point itself, but actually on a point of land just east of the actual point it is named after. Situated at the end of Pemaquid Neck, the 79-foot-tall white and black stone structure has a white light that flashes every six seconds, and it still uses the 150-year-old Fresnel lens that was originally installed when the house was built.

The original light station was established on Pemaquid point in 1827, while the present stone structure was constructed in 1835. The United States Coast Guard automated the lighthouse in 1934. A keeper’s house and two other structures still stand on the property with the light tower.

Navigating in and Around the Lighthouse:
Use NOAA Chart 13293.

Pemaquid Point is the dividing line between Johns and Muscoungous bays. Not only does the light mark Pemaquid point itself, but it also serves as an important navigation aid for transiting the Johns and Muscoungous waters.

If navigating into Johns Bay, keep a close eye out for the and green buoy marking Pemaquid Ledge, south of Pemaquid Point, and also a red gong buoy just south of Pemaquid Neck. Muscoungous Bay opens to the east, and the rock ledges and island outcrops here are all well marked.

Local Notices to Mariners:
Local Notices to Mariners are now available exclusively online from the U.S. Coast Guard.

Tour Schedule:
The light tower is open to the public from Memorial Day to Columbus Day every day of the week from 1 to 5 p.m. As volunteers run the lighthouse tours, tours may not be available if there is a staff shortage. You may also climb the tower at any time. A donation to the Friends of Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Foundation is appreciated if you do, however.

Marine Facilities: