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Grand Turk Lighthouse

City Grand Turk
Region British West Indies
Country Turks and Caicos

Contact Information
Phone 649-946-1723

Latitude 21° 30" 44'
Longitude -71° 7" 58'
Format DD DMS
Body of water Atlantic Ocean
Height Above Water 108 feet
Light Characteristics White flash for 1 second followed by 6.5 seconds of darkness
Address P.O. Box 261
Grand Turk, British West Indies
Turks and Caicos
Current Conditions
Temperature: 77F
Dewpoint: 77F

Partly Cloudy
High: 80F
Low: 77F

Chance of a Thunderstorm
High: 80F
Low: 75F

Chance of a Thunderstorm
High: 77F
Low: 75F

Chance of a Thunderstorm