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Crisp Point Light

City Paradise
State Michigan
Country United States

Contact Information
Phone (517) 546-5283
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Latitude 46° 45" 11'
Longitude -85° 15" 27'
Format DD DMS
Body of water Lake Superior
Height Above Water 58 feet
Light Characteristics Not Operational
Address 14 miles west of Whitefish Point, Lake Superior
Paradise, MI 49768
United States
Current Conditions
Temperature: 40F
Dewpoint: 40F

High: 57F
Low: 38F

Partly Cloudy
High: 58F
Low: 35F

Mostly Cloudy
High: 56F
Low: 38F

Partly Cloudy

Contact Information
To find out more about Crisp Point Lighthouse:

Crisp Point Light Historical Society or
Rick Brockway
450 W. Marr Rd., Howell, Mi. 48855-8343
(517)546-5283 land line
(517)230-6294 cell