Map of Puerto Real: View Full Map

Puerto Real

Region Cabo Rojo
Country Puerto Rico

Latitude 18° 4" 10'
Longitude -67° 12" 52'
Format DD DMS
Body of water Caribbean Sea/ Puerto Real Bay
Current Conditions
Temperature: 82F
Dewpoint: 82F

High: 84F
Low: 73F

High: 81F
Low: 72F

Partly Cloudy
High: 82F
Low: 70F


Puerto Real is a small fishing village located on the lower end of Puerto Rico’s West Coast with a good, well-protected harbor. Puerto Real is four miles northwest of Boqueron, 8 miles north of Cabo Rojo, and 10 miles southwest of Mayaguez.

Navigating the Water:
Visible in the image above, the harbor at Puerto Real is wide and fairly well protected, but the entrance is fairly shallow (5 to 6 feet) and requires an approach on its southern end. Once you have cleared the entrance, you can head to the northeast toward the town of Puerto Real, the town anchorage, and the two marinas here.

Anchorage is available off the town waterfront, and there is also a local boat yard that has a lift (30 tons) for haul-out and related repair services. If you need fuel, there is a marina east of the repair yard that has gas and diesel fuels, transient slips, and a grocery for provisioning nearby.

If you need to hide out during a hurricane, the mangrove swamps in the left-hand side of the image above provide good protection, but are shallow with only 4-foot depths.

Local Notices to Mariners:
See our “Local Notices to Mariners” blog for updates on the latest conditions and advisories for this area.