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Gasparilla Island Causeway Swing Bridge

City Placida
State Florida
Country United States

Latitude 26° 49" 36'
Longitude -82° 16" 9'
Format DD DMS
Body of water Gasparilla Sound
Horizontal Clearance 81 feet
Closed Vertical Clearance 9 feet
Current Conditions
Temperature: 64F
Dewpoint: 64F

High: 75F
Low: 60F

High: 77F
Low: 63F

High: 79F
Low: 64F

Partly Cloudy

The Gasparilla Island Causeway Swing Bridge is located at GIWW Mile Marker 34.3 just east of Gasparilla Pass. The bridge carries traffic on Gasparilla Road to and from Gasparilla Island, as the name suggests.

Navigating the Bridge:
Use NOAA Chart 11425.

The Gasparilla Island Causeway Swing Bridge has a closed vertical clearance of nine feet with 81 feet of horizontal clearance in the center span. This is a very complex area, with entrance channels, shoals and currents combining to make a possibly tricky transit of this bridge.

The daybeacons and aids to navigation are placed closely together here for good reason. Depths outside the channel shoal quickly to two feet at places.

Bridge Schedule:
This bridge operates on a restricted opening schedule. From Jan. 1 to may 31, the bridge opens on the hour and every 15 minutes thereafter from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. The bridge opens on demand at all other times.

Depending on schedule, the bridge can be opened by horn signal (one long, one short) or by hailing the bridge tender on VHF Channel 09. (All bridges in the state of Florida must be hailed on VHF Channel 09.)

Local Notices to Mariners:
Local Notices to Mariners are now exclusively available online from the U.S. Coast Guard.